Wallace Wedding Preview

Shane & Shanna's autumn wedding in Wichita, Kansas could not have been more perfect. The weather, the location, and all of their family and friends came together in the end to give them the wedding of their dreams. Of course, fate would throw a few curveballs at the couple leading up to the big event, including the bride and maid of honor getting stranded on a highway the day before the wedding, and everyone racing against the clock to get every last detail ready before the bagpipe player ran out of air (literally). As a photographer, we always hope that the important stuff goes exactly as planned, but the unexpected moments create unique memories. Shane and Shanna will no doubt remember every perfect moment from their big day. And all of the moments that didn't go as planned? Well they can laugh and smile at those memories, too. After the jump, see an extended preview. You can also see Shane and Shanna's full wedding by clicking here.


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