Larry & Jessalynn: A Zombie Love Story

Though I'm posting this a little later than promised, here is Larry and Jessalynn's zombie themed engagement session. This was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot, and from the number of photos I had to edit out due to laughing / big smiles, they had a good time, too. It must also be noted that our zombie / future maid of honor was an absolute pro playing the undead attacker. As previously mentioned in my post on Larry and Jessalynn's thrift store engagement session, the happy couple will be getting married in the Portrage Theater this June. I think some of these images may end up making their way onto the walls of the theater's lobby as movie posters! Lastly, I can't post these photos without giving credit to the inspiration, Amanda Rynder's (now internet famous) zombie engagement photos. Once Jessalynn and Larry saw them, they couldn't help but be envious, and I was happy to help bring their zombiepocolypse love story to life. This story is quite long so definitely check out the rest of the many photos after the jump.

 And the zombie is down...
 ....or is it?