Larry & Jessalynn: A Thrifty Love Story

Larry and Jessalynn came to me for engagement photos with their own concept in mind. They wanted their  e-session to take place at a local thrift store where we would show the happy couple picking out items for their wedding. I was happy to bring their concept to life, but before we got a chance to take the photos, Jessalynn came across the now infamous zombie engagement session taken by California photographer Amanda Rynder. Seeing how Larry and Jessalynn will be married next year in the Portage  movie theater, an establishment known for their horror and sci-fi marathons, the happy couple decided they might want to do their own love-conquers-zombie session. To keep everyone happy, we decided to shoot both concepts. Here are the photos from Larry and Jessalynn's original e-session idea, a date at the Village Thrift. More photos are after the jump, and check back soon for the zombie love story as well.