Mahesh & Sonali's Engagement Session

Love doesn't start the day of the wedding. That's what makes an engagement session so unique. I always encourage couples to have one, even if they are taken a few short weeks before the big day. Because they are so relaxed, an e-session can focus on the relationship between two people, capture the same love and adoration that one sees in wedding portraits, but minus all of the stress that comes with the the ceremony.

This post isn't about e-sessions though, it's about Mahesh and Sonali. They recently had their wedding in India. I was very sad that I was unable to photograph their wedding - at this point in my career, I'm not quite equipped to handle a massive overseas wedding (that also lasted several days). Luckily they had an immensely talented local photographer take care of them. But when they needed portraits for their save the date cards, they came to me and kept it local in Chicago. Taken near the beautiful Kathy Osterman beach in Edgewater, we were blessed with a perfect fall day. Those who live in Chicago know how rare those are  considering fall and spring last about two weeks! Enjoy their photos, and as usual, see more after the jump.