Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wallace Wedding Preview

Shane & Shanna's autumn wedding in Wichita, Kansas could not have been more perfect. The weather, the location, and all of their family and friends came together in the end to give them the wedding of their dreams. Of course, fate would throw a few curveballs at the couple leading up to the big event, including the bride and maid of honor getting stranded on a highway the day before the wedding, and everyone racing against the clock to get every last detail ready before the bagpipe player ran out of air (literally). As a photographer, we always hope that the important stuff goes exactly as planned, but the unexpected moments create unique memories. Shane and Shanna will no doubt remember every perfect moment from their big day. And all of the moments that didn't go as planned? Well they can laugh and smile at those memories, too. After the jump, see an extended preview. You can also see Shane and Shanna's full wedding by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watanabe Wedding Preview

The wedding day for Larry and Jessalynn finally arrived this weekend, and what a memorable event it was. (You may remember their engagement photos, which were equally unique being thrift store and zombie themed.) Having taken place in Chicago's historical Portage Theater, I doubt I will have the chance to shoot another wedding quite like this. These are just a few of the many many images from their big day; expect the full wedding to be on the site in the next several weeks. Until then, enjoy this "sneak peek". 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dylan's Two Month Portraits

Everyone tells you how quickly babies grow and change, but it's hard to appreciate without seeing it firsthand.  I photographed Dylan shortly after he was born only two months ago, and I could barely believe he was the same baby. For one, two month old babies don't usually have this much hair! He was just as fun to photograph this time around as he was at birth, and I look forward to seeing how much he will  change in the future. Enjoy Dylan's many expressions, from curious, happy, surprised, and sleepy. And as always, follow after the jump to see many more!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shane & Shanna Engagement Session

This October I'll be joining Shane and Shanna in their home state of Kansas to photograph their nuptials in an autumn wedding. For their engagement photos, we decided to show a little bit of the city they currently live in, Chicago. Their photos also prove that you can take portraits in Millennium Park while still keeping the focus on the couple. We may have taken these photos in the spring, but the color pallet definitely matches their fall wedding. Enjoy their e-session, and as always, more after the jump. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Father's Day

A little over a year ago, the Hudalla family grew with the birth of son Miles. I was lucky enough to take maternity photos before he arrived, and not long after, birth photos with the whole family. I mentioned then that even a few short weeks later, big sister Isabel seemed to have grown. Seeing how much both children have changed since then was an enjoyable surprise. Isabel is a lot faster than she was a year ago, and a little more rambunctious. Miles is obviously a lot bigger than when I saw him last, and unlike big sister, he likes to stick close to mom and dad (and close to the ground as he is not a fan of heights either). Once again meeting shortly before Father's Day, we took family portraits at Promontory Point Park in Chicago. Joining this family at such important milestones is a privilege I hope to have again in the future. I hope you have had a lovely Father's Day this year. Enjoy the photos of this growing family and as usual, many more follow after the jump.